Age Your Way LGBTQ Workshops

Age Your Way

A Candid Workshop Series for LGBTQ Adults

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The Age Your Way: Candid Conversations for LGBTQ Adults virtual workshops are a series of valuable presentations about how LGBTQ adults can prepare for the necessary decisions needed to age well. The series includes five programs of 90 minutes each on matters important to LGBTQ older adults such as health, caregiving, legal matters and finances. The free workshops are presented live on Zoom and recorded for later viewing on

Workshop 1: Understanding Legal Choices

Aired May 24, 2022

Workshop 2: Effective Caregiving – Part 1

Aired June 21

Workshop 3: Age Your Way: Financial Check-Up Accessing the Best Caregiver Support Services

Not sure where to turn for help or what is available to you as a caregiver? This Age Your Way workshop, part two in the Caregiving series, will offer vital information and resources about where older LGBTQ adults can access programs and services such as caregiver support groups, ways to ensure you are heard by healthcare providers and family members, and accessing programs in which you are entitled such as Medicare and statewide programs.

Date: LIVE on Tuesday, July 13, 2022, 11:30 am to 1 pm

Workshop 4: Age Your Way: Financial Check-Up

Aired October 26th!

For LGBTQ adults it is very important that financial and legal matters are in order to ensure assets are protected and wishes are honored. The fourth in the series of five workshops will present information from an elder law attorney and financial planner experienced in LGBTQ rights and issues pertaining to securing assets and legal matters. These experts will provide practical steps to take in financial planning and share examples of suggestions on how to avoid pitfalls in these delicate situations.

Workshop 5: Age Your Way: Being at Your Best in Mind, Body and Spirit

Aired November 8th!

From top to bottom and inside out, your health matters. In the last of the Age Your Way workshops, experts will guide and encourage you to take care of your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. The discussion will include recognizing isolation and its impact on your health, accessing nutrition resources, examining the benefits of volunteering, stretching yourself with yoga, and tapping into resources for all-around good health.

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